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Business and Marketing Strategy

Strategic planning sets the true north for your organisation.  To support your planning, we offer a series of 6 modules that can be structured and staged to suit your business growth pathway. Our process uniquely creates strategic alignment across corporate strategy, marketing and management and distils big-picture strategy into schedules of action.

  • Your executive team and key performers are engaged throughout the process
  • Content and process adjusted to match your needs
  • Fixed fee proposal outlines each step in detail, including deliverables
  • Our marketing team stands ready to assist with implementation enabling a seamless transition between thinking and doing.

Next step:  Contact us and we will have a 'no obligation' chat about the process.

Module 1: Strategy Workshop

A work session with your executive team to review current strategy, goals and gaps. Typically a 3-hour session, this can also be developed into a multi-day strategy retreat if an extensive strategy review is required.

Module 2: Client Research

We complete in-depth interviews with a selection of your clients, prospects and stakeholders to elicit their perception of the value generated by your organisation, competitive differentiation and their emerging needs.

Module 3: Marketing Positioning & Messaging

Using the outcomes from Modules 1 & 2, and in collaboration with your team, we craft your marketing positioning and messaging strategy. This document includes core business definition, target audiences, competitive differentiation, key selling points and elevator pitches.

Module 4: Marketing & Digital Action Plans

A 12-month marketing schedule to distill your overarching strategy into specific items for action. It provides how-to instructions, budgets and timelines. For companies where digital transformation is key to their business strategy, we offer an in-depth analysis of digital requirements and a program of development over a 12-month period. 

Module 5: Management Review

Staff interviews and objective analysis are used to complete a high-level review of the management processes and structures within the business, to identify opportunities to improve alignment with customer needs and increase value generation.

Module 6: Culture Action Plan

A 12-month action plan to advance the culture of your organisation, to drive internal communications, innovation and engagement with customer value generation.

Marketing Implementation

The EWO team stands ready to assist with marketing implementation following the completion of your strategy.  We make the challenge of business growth easier by providing a seamless transition from thinking to doing. [view more]


AusIndustry Support

A number of EWO clients qualify for support through AusIndustry. At our initial meeting we will provide further information on the program and arrange for you to speak with relevant people. Single Cell is a client of EWO who has benefited from AusIndustry support for the development and implementation of their marketing strategy.

"Eyes Wide Open have enabled brand awareness to become a staff-wide responsibility and in doing so has meant that all the business is engaged in the journey."

Jeff Jones, CEO Total Construction

"EWO excelled from helping to clarify our strategy and message right through to the development of exceptional digital and physical branding for Xacom."

Matt Kirwan-Hamilton, Chairman Xacom

"Without that work completed with EWO we certainly wouldn’t have been in the good position we are in now to expand to the next level."

David Crampton, Vantage Freight

"The staff at EWO are very friendly, patient, eager to please and very good at what they do. We gladly recommend EWO as we are very happy with the final product and very much value the relationship built with EWO team members along the way. "

Mandy Glendenning, National Business Manager ATEL

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